Mixed Movements &
Dhow Adventure

October 7th - 13th, 2019


We’ll explore the natural wildlife and marine world of the Watamu coastline in Kenya. Revive your energy for 7 days with us. Stay in our beautiful East African resort and spend one magical night in Che Shale on the Golden Beach. We will sail our way up the Malindi coastline on the exquisite Mida Dhow to get there. 

The heart of Watamu is it’s laid-back attitude. It’s filled with hidden gems and little villages on the Kenyan Coast. A paradise where you can loosen-up whilst appreciating pearly beaches and lush tropical forests. Watamu is bursting with Swahili culture, and remains a sanctuary of happiness, peace and fresh energy. This adventure invites anybody who seeks time for themselves; to explore, move more, kick-back, and make friends.

The addition of mixed movements sessions will strengthen and energize your mind, body and soul. We will remind you how to let go again. We’ll move our bodies and admire unforgettable views of the crystal clear sea, indulge in a spa day and swim with the coral fish inside the reefs below us.

Therapy for the Soul . Relax and enjoy the sunset over the horizon, delicious food and lots of good company. We’ll enjoy healthy, fresh and traditional Kenyan meals prepared by our very own Chef. 

Forget about stress. Come to the place of no worries. Slow things down.  Everything is 'pole pole' in Watamu. 


  • 7 Day Mixed Movements Retreat
  • Morning & evening Therapeutic or Energetic Mixed Movements sessions
  • Dhow Trip from Watamu to Che Shale Beach North of Malindi
  • 1 Night's stay at a Che Shale Beach House
  • Traditional Homemade Kenyan Cuisine
  • 3 Delicious and Healthy Meals per day
  • Build A Smoothie Bowl Breakfast
  • "Play with Colour" Art Workshop
  • Therapeutic Spa Day and Treatments
  • Explore the 7 Islands
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding or Kayaking to Waka Waka Island
  • Mangroves Forest Walk
  • Beach Walks and Tanning Time
  • Coral Reef Snorkeling and Dolphin Watch
  • Personal Time
  • Sundowners at the most beautiful beach restaurants in Watamu

The Highlight of Your Adventure... 


Ever dreamed of sailing away to a secret paradise destination? 

That dream is a reality with our Dhow, where you will be exposed to breathtaking views of the East African coastline, birds and marine life. 

Enjoy spectacular cocktails, local seafood, fresh fruits and delicious ‘bitings’ prepared by our on board chef. Just chill out, eat and then jump off the deck for a swim. 

We will keep you entertained with lots of good company, music and food until we reach the Che Shale beach house. 

This is where memories are made. 


  • Wake up
  • Mixed Movements Unwind Yoga Session
  • Breakfast
  • Coral Reef Snorkeling and Dolphin Watch
  • Beach Time
  • Sunset Mixed Movements Yoga for Self-Love
  • Swahili style curry dinner party
  • Chill out & bed


Only a few meters away from the pearly white beach, situated exactly where the Mida Creek meets the warm Indian Ocean, our chosen resort in Watamu is a magnificent getaway where you’ll feel at home for the whole 7 Day Dhow and Mixed Movements Revive Adventure Kenya.

2 big swimming pools, lush tropical gardens and grounds for beautiful movement sessions, friendly monkeys and other wildlife roaming free, and a private section of white sandy beach in one of the most magical coastal areas of Kenya – What more could you ask for?



Each room has a fresh energy and are all newly refurbished and beautifully decorated with bright, spacious beach vibes. Rooms are all bay side and have magnificent views of Mida Creek with modern amenities, air conditioning, and private balconies to relax on after a hot day, or to enjoy a morning coffee on.




Kenyan style inspired cuisine where all ingredients are freshly sourced from the local village. Enjoy a delicious menu with vegetarian or vegan options, where each dish has been carefully selected by us and prepared by our chef with loads of love and thought. Good food for the soul that’s filled with flavor, healthy nutrients and energy.

We believe in fresh, wholesome, healthy and nutritious food that should be enjoyed in a shared, family-style setting. On a Revive Adventure, you won’t go hungry… we’ll make sure you’re getting the energy you need to move and flow.



Skye is originally from South Africa and now practices in Kenya. She is passionate about connecting to people, exploring different ways to move the body with intention and establishing a connection to the heart and mind. She’s a wellness advocate who’s spent the last 6 years studying and practicing yoga, mixed movements, pilates, wellness and healing approaches. She’s also got a background in dance which she often draws from as inspiration in her classes. 

Skye shares a playful style through her mixed movements classes and incorporates synergistic methods and experience acquired through years of searching for the things in life that feed one’s soul. “Movement based practices and Yoga are therapy for my soul. I used to focus on trying to do everything all at once; things that stressed my body and striving to be perfect. It became impossible, exhausting and unhealthy. Mixed movements refreshed my perception, shifted my focus and changed my life forever. Yoga is the core of mixed movements and once I tried it my life changed entirely. Self-love and self-compassion are the key to make happiness constant in your life. Yoga helps you love yourself. It helped me heal physically, emotionally and mentally; caring for myself got me through some of life’s very tough journeys. Nothing will revitalise your energy more.”

I don’t know it all, but, I do know that doing the same thing again and again never ends well. Self-love and taking time to change things is what gets you places and I am ecstatic that I get to share this secret with you. I believe that emotional, spiritual and physical wellness builds mental resilience and allows you to establish a foundation to enjoy the rhythm of life on and off the mat. It’s about embracing your subconscious consciousness. Knowing how to feel within and building into the strength of your mind-body connection. Mixed movements connects the mind with the body, builds the strength of love in your hearts and allows you to express yourself through your natural ability to breathe and move. With every class, we begin to tell a story and make connections. Breaking through barriers is part of life and giving yourself time to heal and grow on the mat will then transfer off the mat. That’s the beauty of it…To go with the flow of life and explore. 

If you think you're going to love your time in Watamu, then you can extend your stay with us once the adventure is over to explore more.


Option 1: Pay a 50% booking fee to secure your place. Remaining sum will need to be paid in full prior to the departure date.

Option 2: Pay the full sum at time of booking and sit back & relax!


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