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About Mixed Movements



Mixed movements connects the mind with the body, builds the strength of love in your hearts and allows you to express yourself through your natural ability to breathe and move.

I invite you to try something new that’s good for you.

Mixed movements Is an artistic and therapeutic system that aims to transform the mind through movement and self-love. We will build awareness, strength and develop the mind-body connection. 

These sessions offer an energizing full-body workout or time to wind down, combining the fluidity of yoga, the power and core strength of Pilates, elements of martial arts, and the playfulness of dance and natural movements. 

This is your time to unwind, revitalize and energize inside and out

These sessions encourage movers to experiment with the poses and transitions. There are no rules to limit you in what you can and can’t do. Theses sessions are about moving freely with what feels good for you and at your own pace. 

All you need is a sense of humour, a positive attitude and nature will do the rest!

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